November 2020 Newsletter!!



Released October 25, 2020 is our new foaming hand soap! As we all know handwashing is the recommended choice to prevent the spread of Covid-19. So to follow up to our hand sanitizers, we released our New Foaming Hand soap, which is scented in Sweetgrass, Cedar And Sage. We will also be releasing the Sweet Tobacco Hand Soap to have a Sacred 4 Soap bundle for your home, office or otherwise. To add to the new product hype, we will also be releasing a New Hand Soap in a mystery scent…If you can guess what it is, we will ship you the product for free on the release date, submission post to open shortly!! For multiple correct submissions we will do a wheel contest live on Facebook.. Stay tuned.



 Kitchen cleaning is never fun, especially after cooking a big meal during the holidays or any time, for many of us. Have you ever been in a bind where you run out of your relied upon degreaser to clean up that mess on your stove? And the grease that just seems won’t come off? Grab your Kanatan hand sanitizer spray to help cut that grease, and clean up that difficult to clean oven/stove top! It will cut grease and leave a beautiful scent behind.. (NOT RECCOMENDED FOR FOOD PREP AREAS, DEGREASING ONLY, ENSURE ALL HEAT SOURCES ARE OFF FOR SAFETY)



Winter is just around the corner, and with that, we will be releasing 3 new Winter hand sanitizer sprays. The focus of these scents will remain as with all of our products, traditional Indigenous flora of the season.. Hmm any guesses what we have planned? Submit a picture of the plant as your guesses  to the new scents, and we will reveal the correct one the day prior to launch!

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