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About Us

Established 2020.

Kanatan Health Solutions Inc. is a family owned and operated (Indigenous) business that focuses on Indigenous-Specific PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Our Indigenous Focused PPE Products are designed and formulated with Indigenous People's unique culture and arts in mind. All of our products are Health Canada Approved and we are launching new products in the very near future, so check back often!

When the global shortage of hand sanitizer was at its peak,  First Nations Elders were of our upmost concern.  The COVID-19 virus has decimating effects on senior citizens, and our First Nations elders had no access to PPE.

Many elders wouldn’t even consider using an alcohol based solution on their hands for cultural reasons. Due to our love and consideration for our parents and elders, a sanitizer formulation was created combining our traditional medicinal protectors and medical grade 2-propanol, thus resulting in the miyahkasikan (good smudge) hand sanitizers.  

The day the sanitizer was presented, a request came from medical professionals to produce the sanitizer for all people to purchase, as it would encourage hand health during the pandemic, thus Kanatan Health Solutions was born. 

Our formulas are Health Canada Approved (NPN. 80102065) and are patent pending! 


To protect Indigenous Elders and people from harmful illnesses by providing high quality and culturally appropriate  health products; with a focus  on our  ᓀᐦᐃᔭᐃᐧᐃᐧᐣ nehiyawiwin way of life and our ᒥᔮᐦᑲᓯᑲᐣᒥᔮᐦᑲᓯᑲᐣ miyâhkasikan line of hand sanitizers.


To provide all First Nations & Indigenous People with effective and safe hand sanitization products, and prevent any future  decimation of our people from foreign pathogens brought to our home land.