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About Us

Established 2020.

Kanatan Health Solutions Inc. is a family owned and operated (Indigenous) business that focuses on Indigenous-Specific PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and Natural Health Products and operates similar to an Modern Day Apothecary.

Our Indigenous Focused PPE Products are designed and formulated with Indigenous People's unique culture and arts in mind. Our hand sanitizer products are Health Canada Approved and follow the guidelines set out by Health Canada and exceed WHO Requirements for hand sanitization products. Our disposable face masks are non-medical and are meant to encourage use by all people and are civil masks.

Since starting this business at the height of the sanitizer shortage in 2020, Kanatan Health Solutions has shipped products all across Turtle Island and continues to send products as well as innovate new natural health products. 

The main focus is (and was) always to encourage Indigenous Elders, as well as all Indigenous people to focus on good hand hygeine in order to combat COVID-19 outbreaks especially in Indigenous communities. The scents used in hand sanitizers and foaming hand soaps have been chosen to enhance comfort and encourage people to actually WANT to use them .. the Miyokasikan Line of Smudge Scented Hand Sanitizers were also replicated in Foaming Hand Soap and the scents offer comfort to the people who utilize them. 

Since launch, Kanatan Health Solutions has added more scents that are reflective of our Indigenous culture .. the Berry Patch Bundle scents as well as Wild Mint, Juniper Berries, and Sweet Birch were added along the way and all scents we use will reflect Indigenous Culture as well as local plants and foods.. watch out for our next line of ELEMENTAL HEALING scented sanitizers!

In 2021 Kanatan Health Solutions began offering more hand health and topical health products such as: Lotions, Massage/Lotion Bars, Healing Lip Balms, Eczema Treatment Products & Kit, Aromatherapy Roll-Ons and Soothing Bath Soaks ... keep following us for more products launching in the future!


Creating high quality and culturally appropriate natural health products; with a focus  on our  ᓀᐦᐃᔭᐃᐧᐃᐧᐣ nehiyawiwin way of life.


To provide all First Nations & Indigenous People with options in effective and safe hand hygiene products, as well as civil masks and topical skin treatments.