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Our Identity


Name: Kanatan (Kah-nah-tan)  (Plains Cree) Pure, pure and clean, neat and clean


Our identity and company name were chosen to reflect our products & identify the founders.  Kanatan is a bespoke to our products as all raw materials required to manufacture, must be done so in each components purest form. (99.99 to 100% pure no additives). 


Logo: The little red bird?


Actually it’s a Redcrow, that identifies our family name and is the family name of each founding member. Some companies will just put their last name as the companies name ie: Post, Kellogg’s, Johnson& Johnson etc. Our company on the other hand, doesn’t feel like we need to name our company after ourselves as our products is what we want people to recognize; therefore we literally have a Redcrow as our logo as it is the identity of who we are, and what family we all  come from; and as many First Nations people know, that is always the first question people as when you meet for the first time.