Collection: Filters & Mask Guards & Face Shields & Plexiglass Barriers

Mask Filters: P.M 2.5 Carbon Filters:

★Material:PP anti-sticking cloth + meltblown cloth + activated carbon cloth
★Packaged: individual 
Suggest replace the fliters every week of uses for the best effect.
★Multi-layer protection allows you to avoid contact with dust, haze, car exhaust, and pollen.
★Exhalation Valve allows air to flow out freely,high Quality fabric make your family or friends feel more comfortable.
★Scope: compatible with most dust, easy to insert or replace the original one.On dust , self-use , beauty salons, pet shop factory , food processing , environmental cleaning and other protective dust can be placed.

PLA Plastic 3D Printed Mask Guards:

★Material- PLA Plastic

★ Mask Guards can be used on fabric masks or disposable masks and come with velcro stickies to ensure they stay on the mask in the position that is most comfortable.

★  These guards are made in Edmonton and are wonderful for extended mask wearing and really help to ensure you can breathe as well as keep masks off of lips & nose!

★ PLA plastic or polylactic acid is a vegetable-based plastic material.

★ This material is biodegrable over time. It has a low melting point meaning it should avoid direct or prolonged exposure to temperatures of 50°C or higher as it can warp or melt.

Basic care and cleaning:
★ Wash in warm soapy water, use Kanatan Health Solutions Hand Sanitizer (after wash) or a disinfectant wipe, or isopropyl alcohol.
★ Clean after every use

Face Shields:

70% PET plastic, 30% elastic band.
★ Imported

Full Transparency - Full transparent and pure clarity visor at all times. Designed with anti-fog coating and an overall shield that protects the vast circumference of the face every single time it’s worn. 

Universal Fit - With supportive and powerful elastic band and comfort foam, all users can stay snug, secure, and protected during usage. A universal fit is built for anyone who is interested in taking their health and safety to the highest levels.

Soft Sponge Foam - Designed with soft cushioned sponge foam to ensure extra support and to maximize comfort and all-around fit. Keep the face shield snug, comfy, and fitted while it’s on with sponge foam for a soft experience unlike standard plastic builds.

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