Collection: Mask Accessories & Other PPE

Kanatan Health Solutions wants everyone to be able to help the world to “Flatten The Curve” so we have become a one stop shop for all things PPE and products that can be used to fight the spread! We want the products to be easily accessible from our shop! Some items you will find in this collection are:

Face Shields (to protect eyes, nose mouth)

Mask Guards (to insert into a mask, aiding in breathing easily & keeping the mask away from the mouth)

PM 2.5 Carbon Mask Filters (to add a 3rd layer of protection in a reusable/cloth masks ) - our accordion/pleated masks ALL have pockets! 

Ear Protectors/Savers (to help keep mask elastics from pulling on the ear during extended use)

Plexiglass Barriers (to add a layer of separation partitions between people  - for maximum social distancing success!

coming soon...

Floor Stickers (to show directional traffic in stores, to show social distancing and help to keep people in the correct distance from one another)


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