Sweetgrass Hand Sanitizer Sprays

Sweetgrass Hand Sanitizer Sprays

Kanatan Health Solutions Inc.
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Our Sweetgrass Hand Sanitizer Sprays Are Made With The Highest Quality Ingredients - Starting With Kanatan Health Solutions Brand, 100% Natural, Sweetgrass  Oil that SMELLS EXACTLY LIKE A FRESH BRAID OF SWEETGRASS !!!

100 ml Sanitizer comes with FREE 10 ml bottle which you can use for pocket size or purse size! You can bring 100 ml bottles on airplane as well!!

All of our Hand Sanitizers have a valid NPN which means we are a
uthorized for sale by Health Canada! NPN 80102065.and Contain 75% Isopropyl Alcohol (Medical Grade) with Natural Moisturizers ❤️...

Protect and Soften Your Hands with Each Use! No need to use harsh chemicals or improperly utilizing industrial-grade Ethyl-Alcohol which dries skin and has caused major irritation on some people (Health Canada has recalled many of those types of Sanitizers).

Packaged In Easy To Use, Handy Spray Bottles.

NPN #80102065.

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