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Berry Patch Bundle Hand Sanitizer Sprays

Berry Patch Bundle Hand Sanitizer Sprays

Kanatan Health Solutions Inc.
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 This bundle includes 3 x 60 ml Sanitizers in our favourite berry scents - Blueberry, Raspberry & Wild Cranberry... we have optional unscented to add for only $5! 


Minsisikaw-berry patch

Plains Cree people have been gathering and utilizing berries native to our land since time immemorial. These fresh berries have played an integral role in our dietary needs, and culture for thousands of years.

Every summer families gather to obtain the fresh wild berries provided to us by ᐅᑳᐁᐧᒫᐊᐧᐢᑭᕀ okâwîmâwaskiy- (Mother Earth) and thank her for providing for us one again.

Scientific studies have shown that these berries are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and help prevent a vast array of medical deficiencies.

To honour our culture and summer traditions, we present to you a limited time offer of the minsisikaw line of sanitizers, which have been formulated with 100% pure and organic wild blueberry, wild strawberry and wild raspberry essentials, that will leave your hands sanitized and freshly scented as your favourite berry patch!

By popular demand, we are also offering scent-free! Add it to your berry patch bundle for $5! Unscented still has all-natural plant-based moisturizers & rose water to help your hands stay healthy even with repeated use!