Sacred 4 Indigenous Bath Bomb & Bath Soak Kit Making Experience

Kanatan Health Solutions Inc.
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Join us at Kanatan Health Solutions Inc for an hour of fun and learning the basics of the Sacred 4 Smudges and their corresponding aromatherapy by crafting handmade bath and body care products with an Indigenous spin! 

Each participant will go home with: 4 Medium Bath Bombs + 4 90 Gram Bags of Bath Soak or Bath Teas made with locally sourced flora along with a cute box and bag for utilizing the Bath Teas!!

Learn what the "Sacred 4 Smudges" are, how they are used, and what they each mean. 

About the Facilitator:

Tasha Power (nee: Redcrow) "yôtin-iskwêw" is a Cree Woman from Saddle Lake Cree Nation, where she was born and raised. Tasha has learned how to identify and properly collect the Sacred Four smudges from her Kohkom, Ruby Recrow (nee:Apow) and was educated in the bush by her Nohtawiypan (Father) Alex Redcrow along with various aunties and uncles along the way. 

Each Smudge has a very specific aroma, tied to a very specific use and each comes with a teaching and a specific time when it should be used. Focus will be on:


cistêmâw Tobacco)

paskwâwîhkwaskwa (Sage)

wîhkaskwa (Sweetgrass)

napakâsiht (Flat Cedar)

This engaging experience goes above and beyond a simple "Bath Bomb & Bath Soak/Tea" making class.... the experience of growing up on the reservation, with respect for mâmawi-okâwîmâw (Our Mother Earth) and being educated in ceremony is where our facilitator draws her inspiration for sharing.

Tasha was the first generation in her family to NOT attend Residential School ...and was raised to be PROUD of her ties to Nature and the Spirit of the Land.... she and her family spent many weekends and summers in the South (Rocky Boy Montana) where she was learning, praying and sharing with family and getting to know exactly what it means to be Indigenous, to be proud of who you are as a nêhiyâwiw-iyiniw and to live life with  respect for the "People of 4 Spirits" - 4 directions, 4 colours, 4 seasons, 4 sides to the medicine wheel, 4 selfs (Mental, Spiritual, Physical & Emotional). 

Each session will start with a smudging circle and explanations and education will happen throughout..... this experience is open to EVERYONE, appropriate for ages 5-85 +, every gender and race!